The Platform for Owners of Real Estates and Infrastructure Facilities

Real Estate Skyline

You are …

  • Corporate real estate in the service, commercial, trade and industrial sectors. Asset management is above all a cost-causing secondary service for your core business
  • Public-law institutions and institution organized under private law with federal or communal shareholdings for civil engineering (rail, road, supply and waste) and building construction
  • Private portfolio owners, your primary business purpose is to increase the value of your real estate portfolio, e.g. real estate funds, real estate companies, capital investment companies such as family offices
  • Project developers and project management companies, you plan and implement complex projects on your own account or on behalf of the client
  • General and total contractor, you are responsible for several or all service areas, also the planning, and commission subcontractors
  • Facility Service Provider, you responsible for the operation, i.e. the so-called facility management for an asset portfolio, either with your own resources or by commissioning and coordinating subcontractors

… and have the following situation:

  • You own and/or operate a portfolio of real estate or infrastructure facilities
  • You continually have projects for new or building extensions, renovations, reconstructions, etc.
  • You require up-to-date costs, yield and well structured and complete documentation of your assets
  • You have high efforts in the processing of contracts, supplements and invoices
  • You would like to reduce the risks involved in the realization of projects and the operation of your buildings

We support you in …

  • Asset and property management at property and portfolio level
  • Structuring of properties and management of relevant metadata such as location, areas, production costs, classifications such as building condition, type of use and much more
  • Planning and monitoring investment and management budgets
  • Incident management with task management for ad-hoc measures, e.g. in case of malfunctions and damage reports
  • Plan and control revenues from rental management
  • Transparent contract management for CapEx and OpEx budgets
  • Create and monitor a liquidity plan
  • Generate real-time, up-to-date KPIs and reports on costs, schedules, yield and risks
  • Generation of benchmarks for internal and external performance comparison of your assets
  • Identification of development potential to optimize the value of your assets
  • 3D building models can be integrated, e.g. as room models, depending on availability
  • Integration of accounting with the financial and asset accounting of your company
  • Efficiently prepare and execute purchase and sales transactions on the basis of current data

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